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Learning Resources

Resources to Inspire and Enrich Your Learning Experiences!

Age/Grade recommendations are meant only as a guide.  Most of the resources are useful for more than just the ages that are listed.  Although I check the resources personally, I highly recommend that you review them as well, to ensure that they are suitable for your child.as not everyone’s “suitability guide” is the same.

Hobbies That Inspire Learning

Learning Through Nature!

Learning Locations

Online Learning Opportunities

Special Days and Ideas!


Building Your Model Railroad

If you, or someone you know, has a passion for trains, this site will provide a wealth of information about creating their own model railroad layout. It is well-written and packed with information.

This paragraph from the website will give you an idea of the possibilities that are available with a model railroading hobby.

Model railroading is the most versatile hobby in the world. It incorporates multiple disciplines including history, civil and mechanical engineering, carpentry, electrical wiring and circuitry, digital command control, sound and lighting, painting, airbrushing, various kinds of artistry, using multiple types of material to create structures, terrain and scenery.


Tower City Falcons – Eggs!
Cleveland’s Tower city peregrine falcons, SW (female) and Ranger (male) are nesting.  Visit the FalconCam site regularly to follow their progress!


National Geographic Young Explorer
A Classroom Magazine for Kindergarten and First Grade
Listen and Read
Great photos.

Learning Locations

New! Cleveland Aquarium planned!
Get involved by volunteering, or spreading the word!

Online Learning

Forum Network
Free Lecture Videos from NPR and PBS



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