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A New Format February 18, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Introduction.

This past year, publishing my newsletter was a challenge. Being a single mom, supporting my family, and homeschooling, kept me busy. I loved writing the newsletter, but gathering the event information was time consuming and editing the format of each event seemed painstakingly slow.

I had so many ideas for the newsletter, but never enough time to implement them. I wanted it to provide a wealth of good information for you, the reader, but often after I gathered the information, I didn’t have time to edit it, and still get the newsletter published before the information had expired. That meant that the time I spent gathering the information was essentially wasted. I was beyond frustrated!

In this format, it is much easier to make information available to you, and to keep it current, so that you can check at your convenience and find up-to-date and complete information.

You, also, have the option, in this format, to add comments after any post that inspires, enlightens or aggravates you.

I hope that you enjoy this new format!