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Knitting – A Great Learning Experience! March 29, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Learning.
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So many of my friends knit.  I tried it years ago, and enjoyed it, but seemed to either add or drop stitches consistently, so that my finished piece either was triangular in shape, or filled with holes.  I still love to watch knitters at work.  It is amazing to see the rows of pattern and color as they progress.  The finished projects are wondrous examples of creativity and design!

Students who follow the Waldorf path, often learn to knit as young children.  Knitting is said to decrease hyperactivity, and increase focus and concentration, not to mention the development of small motor skills.

Knitting is multi-curricular; it is possible to use knitting to study history, math, art, literature and more.

Here are a few interesting resources related to knitting:

Discover Waldorf Education: Knitting and Intellectual Development – The Role of Handwork in the Waldorf Curriculum

Learn How to Knit with Free Knitting Videos

The Ravelry Blog

AND the associated online Ravelry community

And from CBS, a recent segment that involves NPR’s Mo Rocca learning about The Privilege of Knitting.



1. shamslayer - March 29, 2010

Thanks for the info!

Ruth - April 2, 2010

You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

2. kristen - March 29, 2010

Our local unschooling group was born out of our knitting group!! I am in awe of good knitters.

Ruth - April 2, 2010

That is really cool! A common interest is a great foundation for a successful group! Thanks for the comment!

3. audry - April 18, 2010

My daughter was reinspired to pick up her needles after poking through the resources you posted. She has begun a blanket for her new baby sister -Thank you!

The new format is great! Since there is no fee I hope that we can thank you with a cup of tea if/when you pass through Hudson.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for the information and motivation!

Ruth - April 27, 2010

How exciting, Audry! A new baby! Congratulations! How fun that your daughter is knitting a blanket!

I’m really glad that you are enjoying the new format! I would love to have a cup of tea with you anytime! It would be great to catch up on everything that you have been doing!

Thank you for commenting!

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